Urban Fishing in Toronto – The Book


Urban Fishing in Toronto is a note style, starter-location guide, compiled from a decade of notes on fishing the Toronto waterfront. Pike, Bass, Perch, Salmon and Carp all have their seasonal movements and favoured locations throughout the year. Once you know where to start, you will quickly discover that the Toronto waterfront offers a wide range of premium fishing opportunities, right on your doorstep. Urban Fishing in Toronto – the book, addresses specific key locations within the central Toronto waterfront zone. Detailed coverage is given in particular to the Toronto Islands and Tommy Thompson Park, as they both hold numerous sub-locations, and have generated the most questions by far, on where to start fishing.




The diversity and sheer scale of the Toronto waterfront can cause uncertainty for new anglers, or the visiting fisherman with a limited time slot. The diversity of the Toronto shoreline also provides a range of fishing opportunities that can satisfy everyone, from the avid angler, to the curious visitor and novice fisherman. Some locations are perfect for kid friendly pan fish expeditions. Some for after work fishing sessions straight from the office, and others offer spectacular night fishing.

Urban Fishing in Toronto Includes pointers to known wintering grounds for early and late season opportunities, to extend your fishing season across the Toronto Waterfront. It’s a useful pocket reference for planning your fishing trip, or for taking along as a no-nonsense guide to fishing the Toronto waterfront.